Why Hire a Dog Walker

You walk your dog because the weather outside is beautiful, the air is fresh, and you have the time. People who have kids are especially lucky because kids love to play and run with pets. Be aware though the adage, “Nothing stays the same.” Kids get too busy with school; grow up; and move out. Then, your dog is by itself without a playmate.

When your dog is alone in the house, people feel guilty. Many folks adopt a second dog  in order to keep the first dog company. Dogs like the company, but this solution is limited. A dog needs a leader; that’s their nature. A dog alone without a leader is a sad and bored dog. In addition to its psychological needs, dogs have physiological needs. A small dog needs to relieve itself after three hours, and a larger dogs needs to relieve itself after four hours. A dog can develop physical problems if it holds its urine more than eight hours.

People hire dog walkers because a dog home alone with excess energy will  amuse itself by digging up the yard, chewing on your socks, barking at people who pass by, and so on. Behavioral problems occur because your dog can’t browse, run, and walk outdoors. Shockingly, the major cause of death in dogs is behavior problemsThe solution, of course, is simple. Walk your dog on a daily basis. 

Psychologists have reasoned that a negative behavior can be counteracted by a positive activity. You can stop behavior problems from occurring by letting your dog get some exercise. Larger dogs, especially, need to run. And smaller dogs need to browse, which is an outstanding mental stimulation for them.

Daily dog walks will ensure that your dog, big or small, will be well-balanced, happy, and healthy. For this reason, a demand for dog walkers has arisen. When you hire a dog walker to exercise your dog, you arrive home to a happy pet!

When you hire a dog walker, make sure that your dog walker has business insurance; then, if your dog walker does get injured by your dog, your assets will be protected. Business insurance policies are adapted to a dog walking business by including a veterinary rider. 

There are lots of joys having a dog. A dog is good company; it boosts your self-esteem; and it is a burglar deterrant. In addition, having a dog is a huge responsiblity. You need to make sure that your dog is healthy.

Since opening Pet Buddy ServicesI have seen problematic and over-weight dogs become happy and healthy dogs. Daily dog walks can change a problematic dog into a well-behaved dog. Then, instead of jumping on people, these dogs happily wag their tails. A daily dog walk can change your dog’s future because a well-behaved dog has a long and happy life.

 Walking dogs keeps tails wagging.