Pampered or Spoiled

There is a difference between a pampered pet and a spoiled pet (that has had its every whim indulged). A loved or pampered pet is well behaved; however, a spoiled pet is manipulative, bossy and so unruly that it ignores its owner. A spoiled pet is like a spoiled child. And the solution is the same for both – time outs and setting boundaries.

Most people realize that their pet is spoiled, but are unwilling or do not know how to solve it. Dog trainers can train your dog to respect your boundaries; however, the dog will only be well-behaved around the dog trainer. In order for your dog to be well-behaved, its owner needs to devote one hour a day teaching his/her dog the commands. (The hour does not have to be at one time. You can break up the hour into twenty minute segments.} When a dog is unruly, for instance, place the dog in a sit-stay command. This command is the equivalent to a time out. After a few minutes in the sit-stay position, the dog will realize that its behavior is unacceptable.

Training your dog to be well-behaved is essential. A spoiled dog does not have a good future; for instance, the spoiled dog will bite or snarl at anyone who comes close to its human. I recently had to find a new home for Benji, a Bichon Frise, because he bit a caregiver. Unfortunately, his owners thought screaming, “Don’t bark.” would solve the bad behavior. Firstly, dogs do not understand English, and secondly, any screaming sounds like this to a dog, “WhaWhaWhaWha.”

The key to a well-behaved dog is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Bribery and pampering won’t result in respect from your dog. Acting and being the leader will show more love than pampering. (Dogs are social animals, and want to have a leader to follow. You can even say that the game Follow the Leader is a dog’s favorite game.)

Common Mistakes
He/she refuse to put his/her dog in a crate because the crate resembles a jail.
He/she gives his/her dog attention when it barks, whines or scratches on the crate door. (He/she is unintentionally rewarding the barking dog.)
He/she takes his/her dog every where because he/she doesn’t want the dog to think that it has been abandonned.
He/she lets the dog sleep on the couch, while he/she continually pets it.
He/she cooks for their dog by including ingredients such as, chicken broth, cottage cheese. (A dog will eat what you feed eat.)
He/she lets his/her dog have the treat even though it did not complete the command correctly.
He/she picks up his/her small dog when another dog approaches.
He/she blames other people for their dog’s bad behavior of lungeing or barking. The truth is that your dog is not alerting you to danger; rather, your dog is sending the other person a message to stay away and to not come close to my human.
He/she won’t neuter his/her dog becaues he/she wants to breed the dog. The truth is men have a real concern about neutering. A neutered dog is an asset to the community because the neutered dog won’t add to the overpopulation and because a neutered dog is calmer around other dogs.

In Conclusion
As the human being, you are not the alpha of the pack; you are the teacher, the friend, and, most importantly, the leader. Your dog will respect you, and love you when you teach it commands (sit-stay, sit-wait, leave it, down, come). When you have an energetic dog, behave mellow around your dog. When you have a lazy dog, behave envirorated around your dog. Your dog will follow its human, and eventually mellow out.

Holistic Healing for Pets

Introduction to Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used throughout history to remedy diseases, disorders and infections. Today, you can add holistic medicine to modern medicine techniques, and improve the health and well-being of your pets and you.

Most people only use essential oils for aroma therapy. However, this blog will show you how to use essential oils on your cat and dog to remedy fear, pain and behavioral problems.

Plants Are Mother Nature’s Remedy

Essential oils are found in fresh plants. For instance, a cat or a dog that has an upset stomach will eat plants to induce vomiting or to add fiber to its diet. These fresh plants have all the essential oils the animal needs to feel better. Holistic health practioners such as, Dr. Stevens at the Rancho Bernardo Pet Hospital has applied essential oils to remedy disorders such as, fleas and ticks, fear, behavior problems, pain, overheated animals, wounds, fungus, tumors, bacterial infections, and the list continues. When used properly and when used in small quantities, a holistic health practioner can remedy your pet’s disorder.

List of Essential Oil to Remedy a Disorder

  • Purification– inappropriate urination (Apply a little bit above the ankle.)
  • Peppermint – quickly cools an overheated dog or horse. Apply peppermint to dog’s paws. Also, acts as an analgesic. Please dilute when you use it on a cat.
  •  Valor – fear (use with Peppermint and place around collar or on the leash), skin masses, itching, infections, muscle problems.
  • Pan Away– relieves pain after injury, osteo-arthritis pain (especially the spine), dental  extractions or post-surgery (dilute and add to a warm compress when you use it on a cat.)
  • Frankincense – wounds, tumors, behavior, bacterial and fungus infections. This essential oil is used on small pets and birds because it is less strong.
  • Lemon– increases awareness in training, anti-parasitic, skin issues. You can apply topically, put in a diffuser or ingest it.
  • Lavender– heals infections and relieves pain, repels parasites. The healing properties increase when you combine lavender with peppermint.
  • Thieves– treats injury, pain relief (especially dental problems), anti-parasitic (especially useful for ticks) and boosts immune system (Dilute if you apply on bottom of a baby’s foot.) Must be diluted when Thieves is used topically or orally.

In Conclusion

Just as blood moves through arteries and veins to give life to a human; essential oils move through veins to give life to a plant. Massage a little essential oil into your pet’s skin, and the essential oil will move downward into the skin’s dermis and in-between organs, groups of cells and tissues.The essential oils then move throughout your body to fight bacteria, as well as, viruses.

For aches and pains, add the essential oil to a warm compress and massage into skin; the nerves will respond to the essential oil. The process detoxfies the body, relieves pain, and reduces stress. The process is relaxing, and your pet will feel refreshed. The essential oils stay in the body for up to a week.

Holiday Safety Tips

Dangers in Christmas 
One of the dangers in Christmas is Christmas decorations. This blog has tips to prevent your pet from getting hurt.
1. To prevent a curious cat from climbing the tree and getting hurt, place your Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Then, secure the tree with string to the curtain rod so that your cat is unable to tip over the tree. If there is furniture close to the tree, a cat can use the chair as a launching pad so move furniture away from the tree. Your can also wrap the bottom of the tree with foil because cats hate foil.
2. Edible ornaments such as, chocolate, candy canes, popcorn and cranberry garlands are a no-no. Also, make sure that the bottom two feet of the tree is bare of decorations.
3. Tinsel is a shiny material that appeals to babies and pets. Not many people today decorate with tinsel. Pet will swallow tinsel resulting in intestinal problems.
4. Flocked trees and fake snow are toxic to your pets. Also, breakable ornaments cause intestinal problems when swallowed by your pets. Make sure that your ornaments don’t break.
5. Lit candles are a potential fire hazard. When you leave the room, blow out all lit candles. A glowing fire in a fireplaces is a danger zone so place a sturdy screen around the fireplace.
6. Fake pine needles can puncture the intestines, when swallowed so vacuum immediately any pine needles on the floor.  A real pine tree drops resin so cover the base of the Christmas tree with a cloth to catch the resin.
7. Plants that are toxic to your pets are grown from a bulb such as, poinsettia, mistletoe; holly; amaryllis and narcissus. Keeping these plants away from your pets is a nuisance so it may be better not to have these plants at your house.
8. Gift wrap, especially ribbon, is verboten for pets. A swallowed ribbon can only be removed surgically! To avoid your pets from eating the gift wrap, put your presents under the tree at the last moment.
In Conclusion 
Thinking ahead and anticipating dangers will ensure that you have a safe Christmas. You can distract your pet from these Christmas dangers by buying your pet a couple of toys. A new toy is also a reward for good behavior.

New Year Resolutions

Good riddence to 2014. Last year, in my humble opinion, was the worst year on record. Every news item broadcasted on television or the Internet was bad news such as, gay marriage resulting in homophobia; racism; revenge killings on society’s heroes, our police. Basically, people taking the low road.

Because 2014 was such a bad year, my New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to try to be more positive. And it isn’t easy looking at the positive side.

Fortunately, 2015 is starting out to be a good year. For instance, the new 2015 cars have earned top safety honors. Windows 10, although not released until March 2015, is rumored to be the best of all the Windows operating systems. President Obama is pushing forth Net Neutrality, which means that everyone will have the same Internet speed…fast.

There will be, unfortunately,some negatives; however, I am choosing to ignore the negatives and look at the positives. Plus, putting the focus on the negative only causes the negative to perpetuate. People esentially like to get attention, even if the attention is negative. It follows, then, to put the attention on the positive. Attentuate the positive, and you will see a positive result.

The original purpose of New Year’s Resolutions is to turn a negative into a positive, which will improve You. Your canine can also improve with a few New Year’s Resolutions. The following are suggestions for Canine New Year Resolutions.

Canine New Year Resolutions

  • 1. Eat less and exercise more. I would have fewer vet bills if I’m healthier.
  • 2. Beg less. I’m a pro at begging, but it is so demeaning. I will choose better for what I beg such as, a dog walk.
  • 3. Understand the difference between a tree and furniture. Anyway, the stain and odor remover takes all the fun out of marking territory.
  • 4. Stay away from the cat litter box. Humans go crazy when I snoop around the cat litter box. Besides, now that it’s blocked with an artificial tree, I can’t get to it.
  • 5. Don’t bite the vet. Even thinking about biting, my humans says “AAAHHH!” and makes a gutteral sound.
  • 6. Don’t steal food, but if the food is accessible, I’m going to eat it.
  • 7. Don’t jump on people and be more polite by going to “Place”.
  • 8. “Holding it” until morning. There may be exceptions to this resolution.
  • 9. Bark less at delivery people. It takes away the fun when humans ignore barking. Besides I get a treat when I don’t bark.
  • 10. Accept bandanas and clothing my human wants me to wear. Humans go to a lot of trouble to make me look cute so I’ll put up with it.

Happy New Year, people. And may 2015 be a prosperous year for You and your pets.

Peace Out

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Common Mistakes

Humans make mistakes that result in a dog having bad behaviors. For instance, your dog spooks, and you crouch down to soothe and pet your dog. “It’s okay.” you say not realizing that you are unintentionally rewarding your dog for spooking. When you are comforting your dog, your dog is interpreting the petting as, “Wow. I was right; I do need to be scared.” If your dog spooks at something,ignore your dog’s reaction; then, your your dog will interpret this to mean that it is no big deal.

A second mistake, even dog trainers make, is to get on the ground and pet the dog. Anytime that you are on the ground, you are an easy target for a bite. Notice, in the picture above, how close the person’s face is to the dog’s mouth. In this scenario, if you get bit, it is not the dog’s fault; it is your fault.

A third mistake humans make is not to update the change of address or change of phone number on the microchip. Out of sight and out of mind makes it is easy to forget that your dog has a microchip embedded under its skin.

A fourth mistake humans make is not to take their dog for a yearly exam. This mistake happens a lot because your dog is presenting with no medical issues so, yeah, skip the exam and save a few bucks. Unfortunately, many diseases such as, cancer and diabetes don’t have symptoms until the disease has completely blossomed. Realistically, you will save money by remedying the medical condition early and preventing the onset of the disease.

A fifth mistake humans make is buying cheap dog food. You may save a couple of dollars, but your dog is being denied good nutrtion. For instance, corn is not part of a dog’s diet; nevertheless, pet food manufacturers use corn as a filler. A grain-free and high protein diet will prevent weight gain. Also,a proper nutrtion for your dog doesn’t cost that much more; however, you will need to drive to a pet store to purchase high quality food.

A sixth mistake humans make, that just amzaes me, is letting your dogs run free and roam the neighborhood. You will hear on the nightly news how a child or person got serverly mauled by a dog that was allowed to run free. In one case, the human was warned several times by the Animal Control officer. Unfotunately, this person did not heed the warning, and a child was attacked by her two dogs.

A seventh mistake humans make is not noticing medical symptoms. Pets do not like to go to the vet . For this reason, your pet will hide medical symptoms or an injury. Also, in the wild, it is the sick and injured animal that will get attacked by a predator so it is instinct that your pet will hide any symptoms. There will be clues that something is wrong. Look for signs in your pet’s attitude, appetite, defecations and urine.

Lastly, dog proof your house because dogs will eat your prescritpion drugs, pest control product, anti-freeze and rat poison.

In Conclusion

Here is a list of things to do in order to keep your dog safe.

  • Make sure your dog wears a collar that has its ID tag.
  • When your dog is on a walk, make sure your dog is on leash.
  • Avoid medical issues by serving your dog high quality dog food and by taking your dog to its annual exam.
  • And, lastly, dog proof your house.


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Save a Life – Adopt a Shelter Pet

There are three things that you can do to save the life of a stray animal. Adopt a shelter pet, volunteer at an animal rescue center and donate money. Having a pet is in vogue in America because pets entertain you, soothe you and love you.

Adopt a Shelter Pet

Adopting the right pet though is essential. Too many times, as a pet care provider, I see big dogs stuck in small apartments while their human is at work. When you have are going to be gone from your house every day for nine or twelve hours, please, do not adopt a dog. For instance, can you hold your bladder for nine hours? A better fit for your lifestyle is a feline. Cats are fine being alone for long stretches of time. Even though cats are solitary creatures, cats do like to have a buddy. Adopting two cats is easy for working people because your two cats will entertain each other, and provide each other with mental stimulation.

Animal shelters, over the years, have improved. Underneath the kennel floors are pipes so that the dogs can sleep on a warm floor. The kennels contain beds and toys, which have been donated by wonderful people. And the staff, who care for the animals, are instructed to provide tender loving care. Plus, volunteers arrive every day to walk the dogs, play with the cats and play with the bunnies.

Animal Control Officers find mixed breeds, as well as, pure bred animals wondering the streets. As a volunteer at the local animal shelter, I have seen strays that are pure bred Siamese kittens, a purebred German shepherd, as well as, pure bred Poodles.

One of the goals at the animal shelters is to control the animal population. Puppy Mills have created a terrible problem with irresponsible breeding. For this reason, responsible pet parents neuter and spay their pets. When you adopt a shelter pet, your pet will be already neutered or spayed.

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Volunteering, in general, adds a fulfilling dimension to your life because you make a difference. When you volunteer at the animal shelter, the staff will be so grateful to you because you are helping to get these animals adopted. Providing TLC to the bunnies, cats and dogs improves their mental well-being. As a dog trainer, I volunteer at the animal shelter to teach dogs how to walk on a leash and to teach the dogs the basic commands. I am amazed how quickly dogs learn. You can teach an old dog new tricks. All dogs want to please humans. In addition, a shelter dog knows that you have rescued it so it will make an extra effort to please you.

Donate to the Animal Shelter

It is expensive to feed, board and provide medical care to shelter animals. A monetary donation will make a shelter animal more comfortable. is a trustworthy charity that is trying to help homeless pets.

February is Spay and Neuter Month

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday so you have all weekend to show your love to your family, friends and pets.

Spaying and neutering your pet is one way to show your love. An altered pet becomes an asset to the family and the community.

Stray animals are a hazard to the community. Strays in a pack can maul children, adults and senior citizens. Private money and tax payer money are spent to impound strays in order to keep the community safe. A simple surgery to sterilize animals will save money, and keep the community safe.

The Gary Michelson Found Animals granted $1 million in 2014 to neuter and spay animals. The result had a minimal effect! There are too many animals that are not neutered or spayed.

Many idiots, I mean people, believe that sterilizing a pet denies their pet of a life experience. They also believe that the surgery will make their pet fat. Another reason that people don’t neuter and spay is because they don’t want to spend the money. Having these convoluted beliefs makes you an irresponsible pet parent. My advice to these people is the following. Don’t Adopt a Pet.

Benefits of Spaying a Female

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  • No heat cycles so males will not be attracted and there will be no blood spots on your carpet
  • Less desire to roam
  • Risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated, especially if done before the first heat cycle
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives

Benefits of Neutering a Male


  • Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking
  • Less desire to roam, therefore less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents
  • Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated, and decreases incidence of prostate disease
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies
  • Decreases aggressive behavior such as, dog bites
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives


Due to pet overpopulation, many privately owned, non-profit organizations such as, Found Animals Foundation have arisen. Their goal is to reverse the future of unwanted pets. The gruesome truth is that human beings cause innocent animals such grief. Pregnant females are left on the street abandoned; unwanted puppies and kittens are thrown in trash cans. These horrible tragedies can be avoided when people neuter and spay their pets. A sterilized pet makes the community a better place.

Dog Food Advice

Dogs Eat Dog Food and People Eat People Food 
Your dog has diarrhea, and your vet prescribes Science Diet Z/D, which remedies gastrointestinal issues. In most cases, gastrointestinal issues are caused by a dog eating table scraps. Table scraps are usually seasoned, and seasonings irritate a dog’s stomach.

The following is a list of foods that are toxic to a dog:


Bread Dough

Alcoholic beverages

Caffeinated beverages


Grapes and Raisins


Macadamia Nuts

Moldy Food

Onions and Garlic

Sugar-free gum and sugar-free food


Turkey Skin

Dog Food in Grocery Store Shocker 

Dog food bought in the grocery store such as, Beneful, Dog Chow, Iams have shocking ingredients such as, anesthetized animal parts. (This would explain why your dog is tired after eating.) Dog food manufacturers are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, dog food manufacturers garner huge profits by adding cheap ingredients such as, corn and even anti-freeze. (For some unknown reason, dogs love the taste of anti-freeze.) Here is the link that backs up this claim. Purina Until dog food manufacturers are regulated by the FDA, purchase dog food from a pet store. Pet Stores have excellent choices of dog food such as, grain-free dog food.

The shocking revelations of grocery store dog food has many pet parents making their own dog food. Roasting a chicken and cooking a salmon will result in an energetic dog with a beautiful coat. Ironically, the cost of making your own dog food and buying a bag of dog food is about the same cost.

The following is a list of foods that dogs can eat:




Coconut Oil

Salmon and Salmon Oil


Raw Hamburger 

Raw Food Diet 

Dogs that have stopped eating may only be bored with their diet. As a descendant of the wolf, a dog’s natural habit is catching prey, and eating the prey raw. The raw food diet such as, refrigerated raw hamburger on top of kibble, is the most natural diet for your dog. The key to a raw food diet is not thawing the raw hamburger on the kitchen counter; rather, thaw the raw hamburger in the refrigerator.

One of my clients has a 11 year old Vizsla who has been on the raw food diet since puppy hood. Her owner places once ounce of raw food on top of her kibble. Abbie has not ever gotten sick from the raw food because the raw food is refrigerated.

Dogs Need Fiber 

Fiber can remedy obesity, gland impaction, diarrhea and constipation. A diet with a soluble fiber such as, oats, barley, beet pulp and some types of fruits and legumes is called a pre-biotic diet.Soluble fiber adds good bacterial to the colon. Soluble fiber absorbs water which solidifies stools, remedying diarrhea.

Insoluble fiber is cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignins, which are found in green plants.Insoluble fiber remedies constipation because this fiber adds bulk to the stools. Insoluble fiber does not absorb water. Insoluble fiber remedies obesity, and helps a dog maintain its weight.

In Conclusion 

Your dog is eating feces that it finds on the ground. This is a sign that your dog has a nutritionally deficient diet. A nutritional diet is grain-free, high protein and contains fiber. You can save a lot of money in veterinary bills when you feed your dog a nutritious diet.

Dog Left Alone in a Car

Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone in a Car

You would be surprised how often my colleagues and I have found dogs alone in the car. Even when you open the window or the sun roof, your dog will quickly overheat in the car. An opened sun roof or an opened window is not enough ventilation!

It is shocking when you see a dog distressed in a car. I had to track down the owner of a German Shepherd left alone in the car. When I found the owner, the woman said to me, “I was only shopping close by.” The owner was completely oblivious to her mistake. If she had witnessed her dog’s distress, she would have been dismayed. Fortunately, I saw how serious this mistake is. I said to the owner, “You don’t deserve this dog.” My response was harsh, and I wish that I had more composure. There is no excuse to be harsh; rather, politely educate the person to let him/her know how quickly your car gets hot.

Steps to Rescue a Dog Alone in a Car

Step 1: Try to find the pet parent

Look for the dog’s owner in near-by stores. Ask the store manager to use the loudspeaker to make an announcement that a dog is alone in the car. Most managers are happy to do this.

Step 2: Educate

When you do find the pet parent, be polite. The adage, “You catch more flies with honey, than, you do with vinegar.” applies in this scenario. If you cannot find the pet parent, go to step 3.

Step 3: Call 9-1-1

Leaving a dog alone in the car is animal cruelty. The world has changed, and States have laws today that protect animals. The law of the land recognizes the fact that your pet is not an iPod; rather, the State recognizes that your pet is a companion. For this reason, there are laws in every State punish people for animal cruelty, and leaving an animals alone in the car is animal cruelty.On a personal note, I wish that the punishment were more severe; nevertheless, people do get punished for leaving an animal alone in the car.

In Conclusion


You can save your dog’s life by not making the mistake of leaving your dog in the car alone. Do not bring your dog with you when you need to go shopping. Your car gets hot quicker than you realize. In addition, you will definetely get fined when a police officer finds a dog alone in the car.

Being left alone in the car also will be a bad memory for the rest of your pet’s life. The basis of an animal’s response is memories of experiences. For this reason, keep all memories good memories.