Your Pet May Need a Buddy

Having a buddy for your dog resolves several problems. For instance, a shy pet will gain confidence with a buddy. A lonely dog will no longer be lonely. A cat buddy will also solve the loneliness problem for your cat. (Even though some cats don’t appear to like each other, they really do like having another cat around house.)

CadieandMaxIt’s depressing for your dog when it is home alone. Dogs are sentient creatures. In other words, scientists have proven that dogs have the same emotions as humans. Being home alone is depressing for humans so you can understand that it is also depressing for your dog.

In addition, a dog’s emotional and mental life is actually more complicated than a human’s emotional and mental life. Exciting scientific research has proven the benefits of having a dog in the house.   The following are benefits to having a happy dog. Can you foresee and anticipate a future event?  Animals can foresee natural disasters. (Click on the link to read more.) Animals can also smell first stage cancer. If your dog is behaving strangely, pay attention. A catastrophic event is probably in your future, or you may need to go to the doctor. Only a happy dog will communicate, through body language, what it senses.

Ever since cave people days, a dog’s temperament has enabled it to live with humans in order to provide companionship and to provide protection. This personality trait in dogs still exists today. Dogs still need to be around other dogs and people.

ChipTo ensure compatibility, make sure that your personality is compatible with your dog’s personality. Schnauzers, German Shepherds and other strong breeds are good dogs for assertive people. Standard Poodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and other gentle breeds are good dogs for gentle people, or people who have difficulty being a leader. Regardless though of the breed, all dogs want a buddy, whether a canine or a human.  A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, for instance, will go crazy if it is left alone by itself. When you do need to leave your dog at home, at least, hire a dog walker for a thirty minute walk. That will keep your dog’s tail wagging, and you’ll arrive home to a happy pet.

In conclusion, what is the point of having a dog if it sleeps in the corner miserable. A dog walk, some attention and a squeaky toy are all a dog needs to be happy. It really doesn’t take much at all to make a dog happy. And sometimes it takes a buddy to ensure your dog is well-balanced. Having a happy family dog enhances a family because the family dog teaches the family members virtues such as,  being calm and gentle. These virtues you cannot learn from a text book.