Common Mistakes

Humans make mistakes that result in a dog having bad behaviors. For instance, your dog spooks, and you crouch down to soothe and pet your dog. “It’s okay.” you say not realizing that you are unintentionally rewarding your dog for spooking. When you are comforting your dog, your dog is interpreting the petting as, “Wow. I was right; I do need to be scared.” If your dog spooks at something,ignore your dog’s reaction; then, your your dog will interpret this to mean that it is no big deal.

A second mistake, even dog trainers make, is to get on the ground and pet the dog. Anytime that you are on the ground, you are an easy target for a bite. Notice, in the picture above, how close the person’s face is to the dog’s mouth. In this scenario, if you get bit, it is not the dog’s fault; it is your fault.

A third mistake humans make is not to update the change of address or change of phone number on the microchip. Out of sight and out of mind makes it is easy to forget that your dog has a microchip embedded under its skin.

A fourth mistake humans make is not to take their dog for a yearly exam. This mistake happens a lot because your dog is presenting with no medical issues so, yeah, skip the exam and save a few bucks. Unfortunately, many diseases such as, cancer and diabetes don’t have symptoms until the disease has completely blossomed. Realistically, you will save money by remedying the medical condition early and preventing the onset of the disease.

A fifth mistake humans make is buying cheap dog food. You may save a couple of dollars, but your dog is being denied good nutrtion. For instance, corn is not part of a dog’s diet; nevertheless, pet food manufacturers use corn as a filler. A grain-free and high protein diet will prevent weight gain. Also,a proper nutrtion for your dog doesn’t cost that much more; however, you will need to drive to a pet store to purchase high quality food.

A sixth mistake humans make, that just amzaes me, is letting your dogs run free and roam the neighborhood. You will hear on the nightly news how a child or person got serverly mauled by a dog that was allowed to run free. In one case, the human was warned several times by the Animal Control officer. Unfotunately, this person did not heed the warning, and a child was attacked by her two dogs.

A seventh mistake humans make is not noticing medical symptoms. Pets do not like to go to the vet . For this reason, your pet will hide medical symptoms or an injury. Also, in the wild, it is the sick and injured animal that will get attacked by a predator so it is instinct that your pet will hide any symptoms. There will be clues that something is wrong. Look for signs in your pet’s attitude, appetite, defecations and urine.

Lastly, dog proof your house because dogs will eat your prescritpion drugs, pest control product, anti-freeze and rat poison.

In Conclusion

Here is a list of things to do in order to keep your dog safe.

  • Make sure your dog wears a collar that has its ID tag.
  • When your dog is on a walk, make sure your dog is on leash.
  • Avoid medical issues by serving your dog high quality dog food and by taking your dog to its annual exam.
  • And, lastly, dog proof your house.


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