Dog Left Alone in a Car

Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone in a Car

You would be surprised how often my colleagues and I have found dogs alone in the car. Even when you open the window or the sun roof, your dog will quickly overheat in the car. An opened sun roof or an opened window is not enough ventilation!

It is shocking when you see a dog distressed in a car. I had to track down the owner of a German Shepherd left alone in the car. When I found the owner, the woman said to me, “I was only shopping close by.” The owner was completely oblivious to her mistake. If she had witnessed her dog’s distress, she would have been dismayed. Fortunately, I saw how serious this mistake is. I said to the owner, “You don’t deserve this dog.” My response was harsh, and I wish that I had more composure. There is no excuse to be harsh; rather, politely educate the person to let him/her know how quickly your car gets hot.

Steps to Rescue a Dog Alone in a Car

Step 1: Try to find the pet parent

Look for the dog’s owner in near-by stores. Ask the store manager to use the loudspeaker to make an announcement that a dog is alone in the car. Most managers are happy to do this.

Step 2: Educate

When you do find the pet parent, be polite. The adage, “You catch more flies with honey, than, you do with vinegar.” applies in this scenario. If you cannot find the pet parent, go to step 3.

Step 3: Call 9-1-1

Leaving a dog alone in the car is animal cruelty. The world has changed, and States have laws today that protect animals. The law of the land recognizes the fact that your pet is not an iPod; rather, the State recognizes that your pet is a companion. For this reason, there are laws in every State punish people for animal cruelty, and leaving an animals alone in the car is animal cruelty.On a personal note, I wish that the punishment were more severe; nevertheless, people do get punished for leaving an animal alone in the car.

In Conclusion


You can save your dog’s life by not making the mistake of leaving your dog in the car alone. Do not bring your dog with you when you need to go shopping. Your car gets hot quicker than you realize. In addition, you will definetely get fined when a police officer finds a dog alone in the car.

Being left alone in the car also will be a bad memory for the rest of your pet’s life. The basis of an animal’s response is memories of experiences. For this reason, keep all memories good memories.

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