How to Find a Pet Sitter

The best pet sitter does more than give food and water to your pet. Many people can just call themselves a pet sitter, but that doesn’t mean that they are qualified to care for your pet.

The best pet sitter is an animal lover, who wants to play with your pet. When your pet gets a scrape, the best pet sitter will know what to do.

 Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

  • Your pet can stay in its comfortable home.
  • There is no travel time wasted on driving your pet to the kennel.
  • Your pet gets scared staying at a kennel, where the smells are strange.
  • The diet stays the same.
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is getting attention.

Where Do I Find a Pet Sitter?

What Do I Ask a Prospective Pet Sitter?

  • Does the pet sitter have a commercial automobile policy?
  • What training in animal care does the pet sitter have?
  • Does the pet sitter text you updates?
  • How many dog walks each day does the pet sitter provide?
  • Does the pet sitter remove waste in the yard?
  • How long does the pet sitter plan to be at home with your pet?
  • Can the pet sitter provide references?

What a Pet Parent Needs To Do.

  • Make sure that your pet is house broken.
  • Make sure that your pet is socialized, and you pet will allow strangers to pet it.
  • Put ID tags on your pet with only your phone number.
  • Make sure that vaccines are up to date.
  • Leave specific instructions where the food is and how much to feed your pet.
  • Leave your key with a neighbor so that the pet sitter and the neighbor have each other’s phone number.
  • Leave a credit card number with the veterinarian, in case there is an emergency.

In Conclusion 

A pet sitter is more reliable than a neighbor taking care of your pet. When you hire a pet sitter, you will be assured that your pet is having fun, and is getting individual attention.

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