New Year Resolutions

Good riddence to 2014. Last year, in my humble opinion, was the worst year on record. Every news item broadcasted on television or the Internet was bad news such as, gay marriage resulting in homophobia; racism; revenge killings on society’s heroes, our police. Basically, people taking the low road.

Because 2014 was such a bad year, my New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to try to be more positive. And it isn’t easy looking at the positive side.

Fortunately, 2015 is starting out to be a good year. For instance, the new 2015 cars have earned top safety honors. Windows 10, although not released until March 2015, is rumored to be the best of all the Windows operating systems. President Obama is pushing forth Net Neutrality, which means that everyone will have the same Internet speed…fast.

There will be, unfortunately,some negatives; however, I am choosing to ignore the negatives and look at the positives. Plus, putting the focus on the negative only causes the negative to perpetuate. People esentially like to get attention, even if the attention is negative. It follows, then, to put the attention on the positive. Attentuate the positive, and you will see a positive result.

The original purpose of New Year’s Resolutions is to turn a negative into a positive, which will improve You. Your canine can also improve with a few New Year’s Resolutions. The following are suggestions for Canine New Year Resolutions.

Canine New Year Resolutions

  • 1. Eat less and exercise more. I would have fewer vet bills if I’m healthier.
  • 2. Beg less. I’m a pro at begging, but it is so demeaning. I will choose better for what I beg such as, a dog walk.
  • 3. Understand the difference between a tree and furniture. Anyway, the stain and odor remover takes all the fun out of marking territory.
  • 4. Stay away from the cat litter box. Humans go crazy when I snoop around the cat litter box. Besides, now that it’s blocked with an artificial tree, I can’t get to it.
  • 5. Don’t bite the vet. Even thinking about biting, my humans says “AAAHHH!” and makes a gutteral sound.
  • 6. Don’t steal food, but if the food is accessible, I’m going to eat it.
  • 7. Don’t jump on people and be more polite by going to “Place”.
  • 8. “Holding it” until morning. There may be exceptions to this resolution.
  • 9. Bark less at delivery people. It takes away the fun when humans ignore barking. Besides I get a treat when I don’t bark.
  • 10. Accept bandanas and clothing my human wants me to wear. Humans go to a lot of trouble to make me look cute so I’ll put up with it.

Happy New Year, people. And may 2015 be a prosperous year for You and your pets.

Peace Out

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