Pampered or Spoiled

There is a difference between a pampered pet and a spoiled pet (that has had its every whim indulged). A loved or pampered pet is well behaved; however, a spoiled pet is manipulative, bossy and so unruly that it ignores its owner. A spoiled pet is like a spoiled child. And the solution is the same for both – time outs and setting boundaries.

Most people realize that their pet is spoiled, but are unwilling or do not know how to solve it. Dog trainers can train your dog to respect your boundaries; however, the dog will only be well-behaved around the dog trainer. In order for your dog to be well-behaved, its owner needs to devote one hour a day teaching his/her dog the commands. (The hour does not have to be at one time. You can break up the hour into twenty minute segments.} When a dog is unruly, for instance, place the dog in a sit-stay command. This command is the equivalent to a time out. After a few minutes in the sit-stay position, the dog will realize that its behavior is unacceptable.

Training your dog to be well-behaved is essential. A spoiled dog does not have a good future; for instance, the spoiled dog will bite or snarl at anyone who comes close to its human. I recently had to find a new home for Benji, a Bichon Frise, because he bit a caregiver. Unfortunately, his owners thought screaming, “Don’t bark.” would solve the bad behavior. Firstly, dogs do not understand English, and secondly, any screaming sounds like this to a dog, “WhaWhaWhaWha.”

The key to a well-behaved dog is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Bribery and pampering won’t result in respect from your dog. Acting and being the leader will show more love than pampering. (Dogs are social animals, and want to have a leader to follow. You can even say that the game Follow the Leader is a dog’s favorite game.)

Common Mistakes
He/she refuse to put his/her dog in a crate because the crate resembles a jail.
He/she gives his/her dog attention when it barks, whines or scratches on the crate door. (He/she is unintentionally rewarding the barking dog.)
He/she takes his/her dog every where because he/she doesn’t want the dog to think that it has been abandonned.
He/she lets the dog sleep on the couch, while he/she continually pets it.
He/she cooks for their dog by including ingredients such as, chicken broth, cottage cheese. (A dog will eat what you feed eat.)
He/she lets his/her dog have the treat even though it did not complete the command correctly.
He/she picks up his/her small dog when another dog approaches.
He/she blames other people for their dog’s bad behavior of lungeing or barking. The truth is that your dog is not alerting you to danger; rather, your dog is sending the other person a message to stay away and to not come close to my human.
He/she won’t neuter his/her dog becaues he/she wants to breed the dog. The truth is men have a real concern about neutering. A neutered dog is an asset to the community because the neutered dog won’t add to the overpopulation and because a neutered dog is calmer around other dogs.

In Conclusion
As the human being, you are not the alpha of the pack; you are the teacher, the friend, and, most importantly, the leader. Your dog will respect you, and love you when you teach it commands (sit-stay, sit-wait, leave it, down, come). When you have an energetic dog, behave mellow around your dog. When you have a lazy dog, behave envirorated around your dog. Your dog will follow its human, and eventually mellow out.

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