Save a Life – Adopt a Shelter Pet

There are three things that you can do to save the life of a stray animal. Adopt a shelter pet, volunteer at an animal rescue center and donate money. Having a pet is in vogue in America because pets entertain you, soothe you and love you.

Adopt a Shelter Pet

Adopting the right pet though is essential. Too many times, as a pet care provider, I see big dogs stuck in small apartments while their human is at work. When you have are going to be gone from your house every day for nine or twelve hours, please, do not adopt a dog. For instance, can you hold your bladder for nine hours? A better fit for your lifestyle is a feline. Cats are fine being alone for long stretches of time. Even though cats are solitary creatures, cats do like to have a buddy. Adopting two cats is easy for working people because your two cats will entertain each other, and provide each other with mental stimulation.

Animal shelters, over the years, have improved. Underneath the kennel floors are pipes so that the dogs can sleep on a warm floor. The kennels contain beds and toys, which have been donated by wonderful people. And the staff, who care for the animals, are instructed to provide tender loving care. Plus, volunteers arrive every day to walk the dogs, play with the cats and play with the bunnies.

Animal Control Officers find mixed breeds, as well as, pure bred animals wondering the streets. As a volunteer at the local animal shelter, I have seen strays that are pure bred Siamese kittens, a purebred German shepherd, as well as, pure bred Poodles.

One of the goals at the animal shelters is to control the animal population. Puppy Mills have created a terrible problem with irresponsible breeding. For this reason, responsible pet parents neuter and spay their pets. When you adopt a shelter pet, your pet will be already neutered or spayed.

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Volunteering, in general, adds a fulfilling dimension to your life because you make a difference. When you volunteer at the animal shelter, the staff will be so grateful to you because you are helping to get these animals adopted. Providing TLC to the bunnies, cats and dogs improves their mental well-being. As a dog trainer, I volunteer at the animal shelter to teach dogs how to walk on a leash and to teach the dogs the basic commands. I am amazed how quickly dogs learn. You can teach an old dog new tricks. All dogs want to please humans. In addition, a shelter dog knows that you have rescued it so it will make an extra effort to please you.

Donate to the Animal Shelter

It is expensive to feed, board and provide medical care to shelter animals. A monetary donation will make a shelter animal more comfortable. is a trustworthy charity that is trying to help homeless pets.

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